Yacht job: no dudes, no fat chicks

Let’s all apply for this.

6/9/2011 Captain doug Looking for full time female chef and stewardess. Must be experienced, young, fit(no one overweight), and very attractive. Need asap FT LAUDERDALE 954 559 6149

http://daywork123.com/JobAnnouncementList.aspx (ad #5044)

Do you think my wife will be able to get the job???
She has a really good personality and is good at cleaning showers

Doesn’t she already have a job at WalMart?

no,she was to much for walmart,they took her out of the bakery and put her in lingerie section,then promoted her to second manager of the food mart,they could not keep enough inventory in stock so whe was asked to leave,she is really good at cleaning the showers as you can see from the action photo that I took of her,can you put in a god word with Captain Doug

I called him up and he said it was all a mistake. The ad is gone now. Imagine that.

I don’t believe him,don’t think he liked my honey-pie

Hahaha…This is a classic. So typical! I know this bonehead who lied and cheated his way to a 1600 ton oceans license and a captain career on private yachts. Went from a 6 pack from jet ski time to bar tender on entertainment yachts, to Capt on a 85’ private yacht…to 1600t oceans, all within a couple of years.
Sssssooooo…it was funny because before being the super cool yacht captain, that guy was regularly dating some serious skanks. When he got his new status, he started running ads like that and actually pulled some decent ass. Can’t blame the guy too much (for that part at least) but it’s damn funny!!

there is a lot to my miss creampuff,i went dancing with her and she made the band skip,what Duece said is true

slap her a$$ and ride the tsunami baby

slap your own a$$,she is all mine,dream on buddy,hands off her

Does she come with her own Stability APP.

Your wife is hot. Where did you meet her. Maybe you can hook me up with one of her friends.

meet her at Crispy Kreme open house one night,new she was the one,when we went to Alaska she kept me VERY warm

She has been doing some aerobics lately i video taped her the other night,

100 Ton, I think that’s Baldy’s girl, no wonder he dislikes you,you stole her away!!!

Yes I felt lucky to have found her,I did have trouble carrying her over the threshold on the wedding night,you shoujld have seen the waves on the waterbed that night I tell ya,can you say tsunami

That wasn’t a waterbed.

how do you know,i do not remember you being there,had trouble seeing that night,something was blocking my eyes

Might need a patch behind both ears to ride those waves.

[QUOTE=Mr 100-ton;50892]Do you think my wife will be able to get the job???
She has a really good personality and is good at cleaning showers[/QUOTE]

Dang 100, you got me again…We need to come up with some kind of disclaimer for your links…:slight_smile: