Writer of Feasibility Study for Commercial Fishing Research Help Requested

I am currently writing a Feasibility Study focused on establishing a Commercial Fishing Fleet to fish International Waters surrounding the Philippines and I have some questions I would like to ask … because I have been unable to find accurate information elsewhere. Any help I can receive would be greatly appreciated, even if it involves additional reference sources or locations I may find the information requested.

Thank you!

  1. How do I determine how much it would cost to deliver vessels to the Philippines? Barring just sending a crew to wherever I purchase it and having them sail it here. Many of the commercial trawlers and longliners do not have the fuel capacity for such a voyage.

  2. How does one estimate the actual weight of the fish from cubic meters, primarily for Yellowfin Tuna, but for other species as well.

  3. Are there any people here with experience in the Philippines and/or the surrounding waters?

  4. Where do I find estimated or approximate values of fish in the Japanese and American wholesale markets, along with shipping requirements, etc … in short, what would I need to accomplish to move the harvest there once caught? Are there wholesale markets with websites online? Most of what I have found leads me to sites like alibaba or craigslist … I would rather deal with the wholesalers directly.

Again, thank you.