Wow, this P.O.S. cost us $900 million

I saw this when I was working aboard a Special Warfare civilian support ship based out of Pearl Harbor and saw this giant money-pit every day. I looked up its Wikipedia page and was shocked at 2 things;

It cost us $900 million to build and tons of money to operate every year and also that it can’t even correct do what we built it for (to detect long range missiles).

Wow, I’m still shocked…who’s the retard that signed off on us buying this!!!

I have shredded this amazing waste of money before here. A COMPLETE AND TOTAL FAILURE AS A PLATFORM TO DO A USELESS AND UNNECESSARY MISSION.

but is sure made the Boeing Corporation a HELL of a pile of money off the taxpayer as they are so adept at extracting!

At least the POS is not in ROS and should remain that way until it is sold to be scrapped a few decades from now.