Would you Recommend a Life at Sea to Your Children?

Tommy Olofsen, CCO and President at OSM Thome, recently moderated a panel discussion at the Crew Connect Global conference 2023 where panellists discussed shipping’s image problem, as compared to other industries, when trying to attract the younger generation.

The audience of maritime professionals were asked in a poll if they would recommend a career at sea to their children and over half said they would not.

This telling statistic and the fact that Mr Olofsen was not surprised by the result, shows just how much ground the industry needs to make up to attract new talent to the maritime world.

I’m in the other half that did suggest try it out. He chose deck, I suggested engine. Has worked out quite well for him. Ashore now after 7 years, with MBA and a great employer in sustainable energy… Home everynight and managing a great workforce. Told him you have great base and supporting alumni. Have no regrets at all.

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