Worldwide opportunities in Offshore Wind

All you May want (or don’t want) to know about EU funding of developments within the Union and beyond:

No the EU don’t “earn” any money, they get their funds from the member states.
The member states get their money from the tax payers.
Isn’t that how ALL government get their money??

Future taxpayers, born and unborn, are not consulted, but present ones are, true European and National elections. All EU spendings has to be agreed on by all 27 member states and the European Parliament.
Does any Government ask future taxpayers anything?

PS> You are lucky, the UK will no longer have to contribute to the EU budget (after they have paid what they owe)
They will also not receive any EU grants for their farmers or businesses.

You don’t save them any money. They still have to pay the cost of their capital investment whether you use the power all day or just at night. According to your economics a power company that never sells any power would save heaps thanks to your help. So they lose by not selling you power at its normal profit and their plant lies underused to the unpredictable extent of the sun, clouds and wind.

If I could drop in here and read sea stories without constantly encountering this relentless idiocy it would be far more enjoyable.


I glad we agree. Inserting large proportions of unreliable, so-called renewable energy into existing grids is relentless idiocy. Wherever it has been done the results are the same; rising prices for consumers (including the poorest), unreliable and unstable supply, despoiling the natural land and seascapes, wilful destruction of wildlife most notably birds and bats, and whatever lived before in the vegetation cleared for huge areas of renewable construction.

It would be much more enjoyable for our poorest citizens if they didn’t have to pay through the nose for energy fantasies of rabid envirogoons.

If anybody were in doubt about the possibilities for OSVs to switch to Offshore wind assignments, doubt no more:

Olympic Commander specs:

There will be a shortage of Offshore Wind Farm installation vessels in the near future according to prediction by Rystad Energy: