World's longest bus ride

An Indian tour company says it’s launching the 'world’s longest bus trip, a 56-day excursion to 22 countries. A ticket costs $24,350:

The bus that Adventure Overland says will be used on a 56-day trip

Looks like they got this backwards in geography and in time of year; at theeEnd of Aug. the chances of seeing Northern Lights (or Midnight Sun), even at North Cape, is rather slim.
The Santa Clause Village in Finland is open year around, but may be better visited in winter.

PS> According to a local paper they will make a stop here in Ålesund as well.

This is how the Adventures Overland present the itinerary from Istanbul to London.


I thought you said you didn’t have any Aprils fools stories this year?

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Obviously, they have overlooked a trip to crew change in Venice, La. This is far longer, although much cheaper :thinking:


except for this one: (and the several other operators that run similar trans Africa routes)

Where do start from, Nome, Alaska?
Still only cover 2 countries. You are short 20
Feels longer maybe?

Longer in number of days, but maybe not much longer in distance covered.

I remember my journeys to the end of the world. Twice while at TECO, once at Mac.

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I started from your momma’s house you humorless dolt…

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