Eid travel in Bangladesh

By train:

By ferries:

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that railroad must make millions!! , I’d bet there could be some interesting books wrote about the indian rail system, I’ve read one or two but not near enough.

When I worked for UNDP in Bangladesh in 1972 I took the train from Chittagong to Dhaka one time. Night Express in 1st Class sleeper w/4 bunks per cabin.
Since the bridges were bombed during the independence war in late 1971 we had to get off the train and take a ferry across a couple of times during the night.
On one occasion I found that there were people sleeping on the baggage rack and the floor in our “exclusive” compartment.

PS> I have seen buses with people on the roof, hanging on the back and out the door, in many places in Asia and Africa, but only in Dhaka have I seen people standing on the front bumper with the driver trying to see between their heads, while weaving through dense traffic at insane speed. (Sorry, no pictures found)