World’s Most Expensive Abandoned Structures

Either that page was generated with AI or whoever authored it just browsed the internet and picked places at random.

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The technical term is “chum box” :smile: Full of clickbait. ChatGPT will generate one for you in milliseconds, and Google will pay for the clicks. Welcome to the new normal.




Yes I agree.
I reacted especially to this one:

7. Istana Woodneuk

Location: Singapore
Year: 1932
Cost: $3.7 billion*
I happens to know a bit about this old abandoned villa and a value of $3.7 Bn. must be in old Zimbabwe $.

In fact the land area around the Istana Woodneuk, which still belongs to the Sultan of Johor, is what has a high value, not the ruined building:


PS> The land may now finally be developed:

I used to be active in the Urban Exploration community when I was younger and actually recognized quite a few of the locations on that list. Many are long gone.

I’m somewhat surprised that this location didn’t make it to the list: