Majula Singapura

Majula Singapura!!
It is 57 years since Singapore Independence today and we are flying the flag:

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always enjoyed myself working in Singapore. Do they still dry their cloths hanging off the balconies on poles?

Yes they do, but not as much as before:

At least for some older HDB blocks this is still the norm.

Very “sustainable” ; using wind and solar power not electricity from dirty gas fired power stations.

Like everything in Singapore there are rules for this:

Newer blocks have done away with the “Pole holders” ourside the kitchen windows.
Lundry racks are “hidden” iand “automated”:

For many older blocks the laudry racks are brought in to the kitchen:

All the old HDB’s just got an upgrade for a substantial external steel clothes rack.

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Thanks. It it always made me think it was a holiday :grinning: