Know Singapore

You know your REAL Singaporean when you …:

Or when you …:

  • Walk around with a wallet full of loyalty cards, two smartphones and a power pack in your hand everywhere:

  • Get panic attack when your phone has less than 20% battery power left.

  • Suffer from Nomophobia. (Said to affect more and more young people in Singapore)

PS> Nomophobia, the clinical name for smartphone addiction. ,

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Of course there is also this:

And this:

Singapore do not have only Tiger Beer and Singapore Sling,
There is a new flavour (or several) in town:

Singapore may have come a long way since independence, but racism is still a threat to take serious:

One of my first memories from Singapore is from 1960, when Singapore was still a British colony. I was 16 years old at the time and in port with a WW Line ship.
While visiting the Norwegian Seamen’s Church (then in Prince Edward Lane, near Connell House) we were told by the Police not to go out because of fighting between Chinese, Malays and Indians on a vacant lot nearby. No fire arms were used, but parangs and cangkuls causing nasty wounds,

Some of the worst race riots was 1964:

Looks familiar??:

Singapore has a long maritime history and some of it can still be seen in daily use in Singapore waters,

Although the “Bumboats” seen on Singapore River today are replicas used for “River Cruise”.
They are now electric driven because Marina Bay and Singapore River, Kallang River and Geylang River that feeds into it are now a large fresh water reservoir, separated from the sea by Marina Barrage:

Singapore is planning for the day when all vehicles on the roads will be electric (or other clean energy).

Since Singapore does not have any domestic wind or hydro power possibilities, only solar power is available to supply clean electricity, unless safer nuclear becomes available.

PS> Gas powered generation with carbon capture and safe storage is also a possible way to future carbon neutrality.:

have you worked out there is not enough area in Singapore to run Singapore via solar yet?
Singaporeans being the most power hungry population on the planet by at least double the next worst, add cars and maybe it will get to 3 times greater.

I hope they put nuclear in , they have been thinking about it.

One more British Expat that think he is not required to abide by the laws of Singapore:

He will probably be escorted to Changi soon. (whether the prison or the airport to be decided by the courts)

Correct, Singapore can not run on solar power from own “production”, even if every rooftop and reservoir surface is covered with solar panels and there are no plans to build conventional nuclear power plants on the island.
Maybe new and safe technology will be developed in the future that change that.(??)

Solar power may be imported from somewhere with ample space and sunshine, either in the form of electricity transmitted as HVDC by cable, or in the form “green hydrogen” by hydrogen powered ships, or ??? (Time will tell)

One thing for sure, Singapore Gov. is not going to be taken by surprise, They are already planning for the day when oil and gas will be phased out as a fuel source:

Yes, whatever the ships will be using Singapore needs to be ready to sell it

Singapore in the good ol’ days:

Ships at anchor on Inner Roads are familiar.(>3:20) Used to anchor there with Jo-Tor at that time. Totally unregulated, No pilots would take ships in there.

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Singaporeans in California flock to the first Killiney Kopitiam branch in Palo Alto for their favourite Singaporean food:

PS> The first thing I did when arriving back in Singapore last time was to visit my favourite Ya Kun outlet for Kaya Toast, Soft-boiled Eggs and KopiO Kosong:
Ya Kun is now a chain, like Killney Kopitiam, but not yet with branches in the US or Europe AFAIK. The main difference between them is that Ya Kun use brown bread that has been toasted over charcoal:

I have been a customer since it was a small stall in a disused Godown in Telok Ayer Basin while La Pa Sat was under restauration:

PS> My Mother-in-Law was a friend of the family.

In all their outlet they have copies of these sings on display:

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It is Singapore’s 56th National Day today. Majulah Singapura!!!
We are proudly flying the flag here in Ålesund:

Singapore opposition politician resign from party after Facebook posting:

He has been in hot water before:

In November 2019, Brad Bowyer was the first individual asked to correct his online post under the Protection from Online Falsehoods and Manipulation Act (POFMA). He was instructed to add a correction note on his post in which he had criticised the Singapore government’s financial decisions and implied that Temasek Holdings and GIC are under government control.
Source: (

yes you cant say what we all know to be true, thats illegal
The Indo gov proved that in court over the telco shares where between the two of them they owned over 50% of an Indo telco and thats illegal, took the shares back.
They blew a lot of money when they did that in Thailand as well buying shares in Thaksin’s telco and lost the shares…

One more arrogant Expat heading home:

PS> He does not get much sympathy from the locals, or from the majority of expats that follow the rules.

I suspect this is the tree cutting scam a couple of my buddies called the police about…
These scams work well as the public never ask questions.
The gov were paying the bill to cut trees that they didnt know about, so much for oversite in a gov department.

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The maintenance part??
The land they were cutting down the trees is managed by the zoo. Its an experimental tree growing place and they are the only people that can certify a tree is sick so can be cut down anywhere in Singapore.
The second time the guys tried to cut the trees down one guy had a zoo ID, he said he was a tree doctor.
My mates called the police again as one of them phoned their mate a the zoo and asked, they said call the police as the guy is a fake.
Police took him away in handcuffs.
Must have been good money in it…

It was in the Changi zone.

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