Working on US Flagged Vessel


I am a US citizen and just tied the knot with a woman who is from overseas. I work as an engineer on a US Flagged, 12 Pax, 149 GRT UPV. We have a possible opportunity to work together on the vessel which operates both domestically and foreign. She would not be working in a licensed capacity, but rather as a stewardess. We are legally married and did so within the K1 Visa window and she is currently applying to get the Authorization to Work Permit.

Does anyone know off-hand what is required for her to work on board? All of the Visa information is pretty complicated and isn’t very straightforward.

Any help would be much appreciated!

if she has a green card then good to go as long as she is not filling a position aboard which might require a license. since your vessel is an UPV then the unlicensed personnel are not required to even have MMCs so she does not need to obtain one of those even though an green card holder can apply for one

So you need a full-blown green card? Not just an EAD?

See 46 CFR 10.221(a)(2).

Of course there are doubtfully any authorities who would enforce this in foreign waters. In US waters only the USCG would if there was any cause for them to do a boarding which could always be done randomly without a cause such as a casualty but those are rare.

I would wonder if she were to be aboard only as a person in addition to the crew (not on any payroll mind you) if that might pass a smell test?