Working on an ROS ship


I’m finally getting back to work. I’m doing a temporary relief for 50-60 days on an ROS ship as 3rd engineer for AMSEA. Anyone ever work on one and are there any tips that I need to know? I was just wondering what to expect when I show up on Sunday and what kind of daily schedule they run. I’d appreciate any info.


Im a Third on one ROS ship via AMSEA as I type. I got on here straight out of school and even returned after vacation. I am an applicant of AMO. I only came back because I wasted too much time at home and didn’t look for anything else, besides I really wanted to sail on the Lakes…but the economy said NO!!!

Anyway for me it blows. I want to learn and fix stuff. Nothing runs so mostly I do PMs and take oil samples and vibrations. It is nice to be able to go up the street but pay is low, work seems drab, and duty sucks because of the temptations of going out. On a closing note if it wern’t for my supervisors acting like this thing were sailing, and running it as if so, maybe it would be more pleasant. I hear guys talk about other ROS ships that are real laxed and a pleasure to work on.

Just my $.02, you may like it. Keep an open mind, Its a Job and it pays.


Thanks for the information. Sorry to hear that it somewhat strict there. I’ve heard that a lot of these ships are pretty relaxed as well. I took this job because my regular company was dragging their feet in getting me back to work. I talked to the captain yesterday and so far it seems like a real chill job. We’ll see how it goes as I’m looking to returning to a normal sailing job after this relief is over. What ship are you on and where is it at?


USNS Pililaau

Port of Vancouver, Vancouver WA

Where you heading?


USNS Brittin Bremerton, Washington


Cool, Sounds like that is a nice ship. It is about two hours north of here. Good luck and have fun.



Same to you. Stay safe.


Im leaving for vacation on Monday and hope to find and FOS job while off.


I worked on some of those same sort of ships, the BOB HOPE CLASS LMSR ships, right? Anyway, I was on the FISHER AND THE BOB HOPE, EVEN THE YANO. That was under Patriot for the SUP. Man, how does a guy get onboard one of those for deck department? I’m in the Seattle area and that would just be sweet, even if the officers are delusional.