Wood hatch with Granite or Quartz shards

I came across a large piece of wood that appears to be a hatch or some similar… on one side there is a large ring of iron On the other side slots have been carved into the wood an then razor sharp shards of granite or quartz have been wedged into it the wood hatch resembles the form of a boat… I cannot figure it out.

Do you have more pics? It sounds intersting.

We’re going to to need some context and better pictures. Where are you? Where did you find this? Anything for scale?

If we cant help you id reccomend r/whatisthisthing on reddit, a lot more folks there. If this turns out not to be ship related.

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It is a Spanish agricultural impliment, although I can’t tell you exactly how it was used.


Threshing board - Wikipedia well spotted. I guess you ride it over the grain with a team of horses. Never heard of such a thing until now.


Yes, wow ! thank you all so much! The piece is a sleigh for grain… the piece I saw was fashioned beautifully into a sitting room table, displayed through a thick sheet of glass. Much to my amazement I discovered the purpose when I saw one on display in a small historical museum in El Castell de Guadalest in the Valencia region. In English: threshing sledge
Threshing is the stage in the processing of grain which follows reaping. After the wheat has been cut, the grain must be separated from the straw. This is then followed by winnowing, separating the grain and chaff.

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In Spain? More likely oxen/cows.

Father’s family’s farm in Galicia circa 1999. (Plowing for potatoes, but farm work animals throughout Spain were usually cows/oxen).