Wokboat Academy-Baltimore

WBA Baltimore April 2016 class has been cancelled due to partner companies unable to take on apprentices. The October class is still on as of now.

That really sucks!

Yes it does. I was slated for April class , now it’ll be Oct class. Hopefully that class will happen. I’m trying to find any company that will hire a greenhorn.

And unfortunately there isnt any classes i can take to help my chances which really sucks. I’m trying to get on with anyone to atleast get some sea time.

Unfortunately, the Workboat Academy cannot place a student without an apprenticeship slot with our Partner Companies while in the program. The oil crisis affected not only the Workboat Academy-New Orleans and our Partners in the Gulf of Mexico, but also our Partner Companies on both the West and East Coast.
The sad truth is, that at the time being there is a surplus of mariners. We can only hope that the prices at the pump come back up, and soon!

Marja van Pietersom
Workboat Academy

I’m scheduled for Oct 2016 as of right now. Hope things improve so the class can start. Really looking forward to it!