Workboat Academy New Orleans Mate Program

Hi all!

I am starting the workboat academy in New Orleans in January, with the hopes I can get a sponsor company. I have read a few different things on pay for sea time and would just like to prepare my wife. Some guys said they started out at $30-$90 a day as a cadet. Some guys said they started out at $200-$250 a day…anyone know what side of the spectrum it is? At $30 a day there’s no way I could pay tuition…much less other bills.

Thanks everyone,


I’m afraid it’s kind of a toss up. They don’t want you to inquire too much about money, specifically because not all companies pay the same. A safer bet would be to interview with the larger companies, because they tend to pay OS wages. It may have changed since I started the program, jones act and labor laws, etc.

Good luck.

If you are a cadet, you will barely make enough money to pay for the internship. The $30/day is a very real figure for cadets on any kind of boat. If you go and get a job for the winter or summer yourself you can get paid a lot more, but don’t forget, atleast at MMA, the school has to “approve” it to be used for the credits!

I’m just finishing the WBA program and your question is quite popular. Pay is all over the place for cadets and I suggest not getting too hung up on it. If you do a good job, most companies will upgrade you to ordinary pay fairly quick. IF you don’t do a good job, they have the right to keep you at cadet wages… It’s a good program and the license will open doors for you.

Pay differs company to company. Also if you are hired as an AB or will be starting off as an OS will have an effect.