Winter wonderland

Winter has come early in Europe, with heavy snowfall in many parts of the continent.
In UK. Dozens of customers at Britain’s highest pub are set to spend a third night trapped by heavy snowfall brought by Storm Arwen.

Just as I predicted. This northern winter is early and will be severe.

Just punishment from Gaia to those who would try to usurp her realm by claiming to cool the world by taxing the poor.

Even here we’ve had a cold wet winter and spring and summer is slow to start

Sorry mate, you’r just late…
Lettin’ old Mr lovelock his dues, there was a good foresight by Tim Flannery
an aussie science geek who wrote " The Weather Makers - The History and Future impact of Climate Change "
In 2005 AD.
Not Yesterday.
We Are All Responsible.

Jurgen 54