WinGD initiate newtechnology

Somebody here should know what all this means:

Sounds like they built a hydraulic jack at the bottom of a piston rod to dynamically make the rod longer as needed. Actually a cool idea assuming that it uses MELO (I’m sure it will so that leaks dont matter)

Variable compression has been around a long time, plenty of prototypes built but nothing went into production afailk?
Just saw a new one last week, let me find it.

Plenty of MELO on this forum:
Melo – Melodramatic is a word to describe overly dramatic emos, or kids who want to be emo.
Source: Urban Dictionary: Melo

Ya but this one could be used with WECS and adjust on the fly based on engine performance.

It could automatically adjust valve timing, injection, and compression variably between every stroke if it wanted

Ah, I was thinking main engine lube oil, so when the hydraulic jack starts to leak it just leaks out regular sump oil

yup, oil is the first thing i thot of, certainly not the od, emos, abc stuff !!!