William Lind on Insurgencies and 4GW

Yesterday I looked up the top names associated with to the concept of Forth Generation Warfare (4GW): Came up with four names William Lind, Colonel Thomas X Hammes, John Robb, and Martin van Creveld.

William S. Lind: William Lind, along with a group of military strategists, is often credited with coining the term and developing the concept of 4GW. He wrote extensively on the subject and was instrumental in introducing the idea of non-state actors and asymmetric warfare

A quick Google search turns up an article by Lind in “The American Conservative”:

Lind is no bleeding heart liberal., from Wikipedia Political career and related writings

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This article is from 2001 and is about Col John Boyd.

The United States will face decentralized, non-state actors (perhaps supported by a rogue nation or two) who understand just how big an impact attacks on markets, communications, and cultural icons can have on the American psyche.