Will the MMR Program pay for any useful training?

Does anyone know if the MMR program will send its members to STCW schools so that one could upgrade their license or progress their career? It seems that the majority of ADTs offered are pretty pointless “sit in this room for 2 weeks” type classes. I would be much more inclined to stay in if I knew that they would offer classes at GMATS or elsewhere that would be USCG/STCW approved for upgrade or renewal. So far all the ADTs I have done have been pretty useless for my career in the navy, and have been nothing more than a paycheck.

Does anyone know why this is the case? I am not saying the MMR program is a bad deal, but I cannot see why they would not offer this. Is it not to compete with the Unions?

The MMR used to provide BST renewal at GMATS, if you were in good standing. They don’t provide upgrade classes.

The only sit in the classroom AT is the first one. Otherwise the AT’s are usually assigned to a command and are more interesting. Are you new to the MMR? It seems like you’re making broad statements without a lot of knowledge.

I have major problems with the MMR, like almost everyone else that I know, in that the MMR is run exceptionally poorly and barely funded. Meaning you have to be really aggressive to get an AT funded and once you miss a year, you will probably not get another AT funded. Most people end up out of compliance pretty quickly. It seems like it’s designed this way because of funding limitations.

I have been in for about 8 years actually, but of the ADTs I have done (and I did the classroom ensign Indoc one) they have all been pretty pointless.
For example:
“Inventory these expired old charts, I dont have anything more for you.”
"Oh you singned up for fleet oiler training with MSC? Well how bout you sit in this room and lay low for 2 weeks instead."

When I asked about an opportunity in Kuwait, I was then given mobilization orders that sent me to Afghanistan for almost a year, in an Army billet no less. I have not been impressed with the program at all really, and I agree with you that it is poorly funded and run. I just wish they would offer something that might promote the merchant marine part of the program.