Wilhelmsen Ship management

umm…Which ships does the fleet comprise of…and generally how old are the ships in the company, and what are the facilities that the crew get onboard… how is the working environment??
any internet facilities??

One of the Chiefs I work with works in that company ånd he seems quite content, ånd is just waiting for a ship to get onboard, he was talking about Sea Launch Commander, so I think they got some fingers there too.

What I know about the company it more seems to be crew-managing, retning out peeps here and there.

My chief has worked on a seismic one, so I guess if they own some, which would be odd if they didn’t must be supply, research, bulks, lng and lpg

I am assuming you are interested in the US flagged fleet which is

MV Freedom
MV Honor
MV Endurance
MV Resolve
MV Integrity
MV Courage
MV Patriot

I believe that they are all AMO for officers and SIU for unlicensed and likely the unions don’t allow the company to hire direct unless the unions cannot ship anyone to fill vacancies (at least that is how it is supposed to work)

I will also say that it is very interesting how these foreign shipowners all found the US flag after MSP was enacted. Now they come in droves it seems to reflag their vessels. Think of all the jobs that would be created if that $86M that goes to the USMMA every year was diverted to the program? I’d recon 25 more US flagged merchant vessels would result which means probably close to 750 jobs for the American mariner vs maybe 100 leaches sucking blood out of the dying KP corpse.

I’m on the MV courage right now. Nice accommodations, nice ship, clean and pretty good officers. All AMO and SIU. Rumors flying tho that the contract is up in a few years and it’s going back foreign. The only thing that sucks is the pay. Decent gig tho.