Why USCG have limitation Gross tonnage for engineers

Is anybody know why USCG have limitation Gross tonnage for engineers. Many ships above 500GRT have engine smaller of 4000 HP? International STCW for engineers do not have limitation for GRTMaritime & Coastguarde Agency UK P2.lnk|attachment (13.2 KB)
Maritime & Coastguarde Agency UK P3.lnk (13.2 KB)

I’ve heard that the theory was that the vessels over 500 tons are a lot more complex. I heard there was a similar theory about the near coastal and oceans restrictions for engineers.

Also, there are crew boats and mini supplyboats approaching 200 feet long and 6000hp, but that are under 100 GRT and that don’t require any licensed engineers.

None of this makes any sense.


Thank for reply. First time I heard "uninspected vessel" when I come to USA. I STCW 78/95 does not exist "Uninspected "vessel and "unlicensed engineer"

An engineer is a person with a higher technical education who uses technical knowledge and skills to develop, design, etc. machines, production equipment, etc

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