Who's in Command

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Reminds me of a story, years ago, when a Braniff B747 Captain died en route from <st1:city w:st=“on”>Honolulu</st1:city> to <st1:city w:st=“on”><st1>Dallas</st1></st1:city>.
The First Officer made the routine landing at DFW,
did the paper work, and drove home.

In one corner of Braniff Operations, a large group of Captains was huddled,
all marveling at how a First Officer was able to land the huge aircraft without
the Captain’s supervision.

In an opposite corner, a large group of First Officers was huddled, all marveling
at how the First Officer was able to tell that the Captain was dead.

That’s like the joke…

An elderly lady on a cruise ship stops by the bridge, gives a good look at the Captain and Chief Mate then turns to leave.

“Excuse me do you not want a tour?” says the Ch. Mate

“No I’m just looking for safety information” says the lady

“what were you trying to find out?” c/m

“Well I see lots of gray hair on the captain, that’s good, it means he has lots of experience.”

“And why did you look for in me?”

“No grey hair of course. You’ll need to take over if the old man croaks.”

That will be written down and kept!