Whos hireing in sf bay area?

I have a mate of towing unlimited, radar observer, twic , and a mmd. I’m gonna b lookin for a boat to jump on within the next few weeks and was hopeing I could get some insider info on who to try first. Thanx for ur time

Your brave!!

Why is that? Can’t b as bad as venice, la.

Let me save you a whole lot of headache. Use the search function. There is a substantial wealth of info pertaining to everything you could ever want to know. By coming on here and asking “who is hiring” you might as well be asking everyone on here to do your research for you. Get informed. The vets here are very helpful once you have searched thru every thread. There is also something commonly referred to as the “pointy stick” and your going to see what it’s all about if your keep asking questions like that. Good luck to you.