Who makes the best navigation "utensils" these days? Any recommendations?

I’ve always used Weems & Plath equipment, seems like the industry standard…

[QUOTE=Rob Almeida;53309]I’ve always used Weems & Plath equipment, seems like the industry standard…[/QUOTE]

That is the best.

They’ve always been my favorite too.

Some of the Weems and Plath are cheap trash for the recreational market (Westmarine dividers for example) and also re-branded. But my good Weems stuff seems to hold up better than any other and is worth a few dollars more.

Weems and Plath.

I have had weems and plath and lately their stuff has suffered from poor quality. If you want a really nice set of stuff that will last forever then check out this:

Best dividers I have ever owned


Best navigational protractor or triangles:


The yellow case keeps them from looking worn.


I have use LINEX in the past and they are not bad!

Blundell Harling makes nice 8" straight dividers. I like them for large scale charts.