Who is in Charge of America's Maritime/Shipping Crisis in Our Ports?

Who Is In Charge of America’s Maritime/Shipping Crisis in Our Ports? | Whats Going on With Shipping?

On this World Maritime Day, I thought this was a good question to address.

Is it the Federal Maritime Commission?

Or the Maritime Administration (but we don’t have an appointed administrator)?

Or the Secretaries of Transportation, or Commerce, or Shipping (we don’t have the latter…but we should)?

Or is it no one as we deregulated ocean shipping?


Well that that’s not a happy ending :cry:

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we live in interesting times man

Yeah, we are. Can’t help but recall that this phrase, may you live in interesting times, is an old Chinese curse.

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Its wild how when covid first started the shipping lines cut capacity anticipating a drop in demand.
When what actually happened was mass printing of money that could overheat the economy.