Supply Chain Isuues

People seem to easily lay the blame for the supply chain issues on Covid, shipping, truck drivers. However another way to look at it would be, Covid, shipping, port congestion, truck drivers, are NOT to blame for the supply chain issues. What is to blame for the supply chain issues is the Federal Government ( s ) response to it ! One cannot shut down production of goods or serious limit the production of goods for say 1 year and NOT have consequences. Add to that the US government paying people NOT to work and what would a reasonable person expect ? Now we are having to deal with the issues that were caused by how politicians responded to Covid, meanwhile politicians are raising taxes, interest rate (s) etc. To pay for their failures. Since shipping is part of the global supply chain, I thought this topic might be applicable here. Anyone have anything to share ?


The lack of good infrastructure spending certainly doesn’t help. Too bad certain politicians tend to block it.

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Don’t worry, your politicians are on the case;

One more article on the same subject:

Price gouging and infrastructure are not the same, and you can address one without the other. You probably are aware that cost of things is also a but of an issue of late. Of course you know all that, but you cannot resist any opportunity for your xenophobic bull shit.

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Yes you can, but it would be smart to start with the one that is within your reach.
As has been pointed out repeatedly the supply chain problem is not caused by one thing only.

The US Government can’t “fix” the problems that is outside their jurisdiction, but they can do something about that part of the problem that is within.