Bailout of Mariners on MSP (Maritime Security Program) Vessels Who Lost Work Due To Covid19

For those who are interested & like to send emails to Washington.

What the fudge does this mean?!? They get a significant subsidy that basically handles all labor costs. Now they want a bailout while Trump is shanking the Post Office? I guess we’ll just have to avoid war for the next few months; that will probably save money anyway. Peace dividend.
Why You Should Take Action
Without assistance U.S.-flag vessel operators will not be able to maintain laid-up vessels in the readiness status needed by the Department of Defense, and the licensed and unlicensed American merchant mariners will be facing protracted unemployment. Speak up to support our merchant marine today!“

Who’s laid up their MSP vessels? They shouldn’t be getting any money under the operating agreement if so and why should anyone give them more?

Yeah I’m a little confused here. Isn’t the MSP program a budget item? Did it suddenly get cut due the pandemic and no one knows about it?

there is a serious risk that the already dangerous shortfall in the number of trained and qualified American merchant mariners will worsen

So is there a dangerous shortfall right now?
Or are tons of mariners out of work and no one can find jobs like mentioned by folks on another thread.

Cause it can’t be both…and I’d believe the forum members who say they aren’t finding jobs over that article.

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The way I read it is they want to give the money to the crewmembers who are at home & can’t get back aboard due to Covid19 reasons? Maybe a supplemental unemployment payment? But whatever problem they are having I’m sure $220,000,000 wouldn’t make it worse?

The union and the subsidized company can’t make it work? Aren’t contractually obligated? The entire point is a system that self sustains for national emergencies, 365/24 availability and is subsidized to be so, and make money on cargo preference on the side, and big bucks on the back hauls.

BS. And if it gets in the way of an invasion requiring sealift during pandemic, well, I think we can deal with the cheaper non-invasion scenario. Spend the money on tests or veteran health care.

Surely the MSP subsidies are enough to cover skeleton crews for a temporary period. If they decide to crew up in a hurry, there’s no shortage of out of work mariners.

MSP payements go up $230,000 (per year) from $5 million this fiscal year in October. Five mil divided by 365 equals 13,698/day. That equals 680/day Per crewman based on twenty man crew and since they don’t make the same… this figure is independent of cargo preference premiums or anything beyond the operating agreement payments.

Point on maybe the letter should reed more like we need to look at the operating companies and how they are using the subsidies already provided and address accordingly.

Everybody has a hand out now it’s going to interesting to see which ones get filled.


It’s raining greenbacks and everybody’s got their hand out. Meanwhile, behind the razzle dazzle, a staggering amount of wealth is finding its way to the usual suspects.

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Was there ever any doubt about that?

I assumed he’d passed. Clay Lacy is a legend among pilots, was friends with Bill Lear and did business with him. I met both of them in my early 20’s, flew right seat in the first Lear Jet Clay Lacy offered for charter, the model 23. It wasn’t long before we got the more civilized version, the 24, and the 23 was only used for training. Steamer, you’ll appreciate this. As I’m sure you know, the 23 was a bare bones hot rod. It was the most demanding aircraft I’ve ever flown but extremely maneuverable. We were young and did crazy stuff. After clearing the area I remember more than once doing single touch downs at Santa Paula Airport, a short cropduster strip, power down, kiss the runway, and go balls to the wall, shooting straight up, drowning that narrow valley with the roar of the CJ 610s. They were so loud, the FAA eventually banned them unless equipped with noise mitigation features. Flying to San Diego VFR, 50’ off the deck (water), doing barrel rolls at night with a drunk businessman in the back. Not your intention but your post brought back a treasure trove of memories.


Clay Lacy has had a colorful career .
Sadly is remembered by some as the Prince of Scabs for crossing the union picket line while at United.

Holy crap his ROI on that deal is insane!!!
$49,700 to Trump and his campaign in return for $27,000,000…what a haul :exploding_head:

That’s all it takes folks. Not even that much really! Wow.

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If he bet $49,700.00 on the guaranteed loser I hate to imagine how much he put on the pony that everyone thought was going to win.

0 according to public records

Businessmen like him & many large corporations often hedge their bets & pay off all sides. More to the likely winners & less to the obvious losers. It would be pretty impressive if this guy went all in with Trump back in '15 & '16 IMO. This guy is a savvy investor, likes to live on the edge or just plain nuts.

After reading this guys story on Wikipedia I conclude he’s all 3 & then some. I now believe he did put $50k on the single longshot & his company & his employees will be rewarded 20 million for it.

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Who are the “usual suspects”?
Looking at the list of companies and ships in the MSP:
It looks like APL and Maersk (incl. Sea-Land & Farrell) owens and operates most (22) of the 47 ships enrolled in the MSP scheme.

Is anyone really surprised?


Blackrock, State Street and PIMCO are administering the funds for the Fed and watching your government’s money…relax.

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