Where has U.S. oil money gone?

This is an interesting read:

Fake socialist propaganda. :slight_smile:

That money could have easily disappeared in the wide pockets of the arms industry. The military of the United States is deployed in more than 150 countries around the world, with approximately 170,000 of its active-duty personnel serving outside the United States and its territories. I suppose that this must cost a baffling fortune. Eisenhower warned against this already a long time ago.


someone is bucking hard for the Ambassador to Norway position which has apparently become vacant in recent weeks… :grinning:


Can’t tax exported oil due to the export clause in the US Constitution. US oil money has meant more jobs, though.

No but we can prohibit crude oil exports or limit exports to the same volume as imports and duty the crap out of imported crude and refined products.

Maybe then the oil parasites would build some new refineries and put some Americans to work.

I don’t see anything like that happening most likely we will see a increase of refined products imported until most if not all american refining is dead and the oil companies profits are at record highs.

Can’t complain about life in Norway. Sure, to be a part of the 1% in the states would be sweeter but as member of proletarian class, Norway is as good as it’s gets.

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Very wide and deep:

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The logistics for providing food, weaponry and all other necessary stuff to all these places must be a nightmare. Does American shipping profit from these worldwide foreign operations?

Yes, once they invented US shell corporations to operate foreign built ships brought into US registry with annual subsidies and cargo preference.

Wait a minute…

If you’re wondering where the oil money is, you haven’t looked up and down the Gulf coast. There are many expansions. XOM and the Saudis have approval to build a new chemical plant near Corpus. COP and Phillips 66 plants near me fought the oboma EPA for 7years for permits. There is so much work and now a housing shortage. 5 of my neighbors retired from COP this year. They leased out their houses for a year and moved into their RVs living like gypsies. Not a bad deal.

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Not worth reading. Visit Eurabia 1-2 times per year and the suicide pact is being well implemented. The Norwegians and the other west and north European millennials will at least be able to afford luxurious coffins after their nations are turned into third world Islamic states and they are summarily reduced to quivering feckless helots in the years to come