Where are you getting your pandemic analysis for layman?

This site posts links every day - often good stuff.

Economics site but interesting - often against conventional wisdom

Brad Delong - often tough sledding but he changes his mind if he’s wrong.

Talking Points Memo - lefty site but careful with the facts.


Kevin Drum - another lefty but careful analysis

https://marginalrevolution.com/ - Economist Tyler Cowen - post links every day. - seems to lean libertarian - another one that very often goes against conventional wisdom.


I get my news about the crisis from a youtube channel run by Dr John Campbell, he is a very experienced nurse with a PhD who does daily updates on the global C19 situation, although he is from the UK he doesn’t just talk about the UK, he talks about everywhere.

I get my info from current and former workers in the medical field that worked with my bride. Some are in the front of this shit. I do not rely on media, or politicians. Biased? You bet your ass.

statnews.com has the most medically informed journalism, but I like a bit of sensationalism, too, so I go to CNN.com to get sexy headlines, but then Google search more info on any topic I want to actually learn about. aljazeera.com and the Beeb (BBC, for us colonials) have pretty good journalism, and I always scan the NY Times and a couple local news outlets. Also, and not to be pooh-pooh’ed: Joe Rogan :grinning:

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For my area, I rely on what the local medical personel to tell me/my bride what is going on in our community. Doesn’t have to do with nationwide media stories, real or hyped. From what I hear, we could use a bit more help. Not a crisis, but a bit more help would be welcome.

The Big Picture - posts on the blog and at Bloomberg. Often posts links but many behind a paywall.

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