What's the UA program like? Boarding, food, people?

Just curious, I’m starting the UA program in September. What should I expect? Hows the physical training, the food, living conditions. Etc.

Any stories?

Just curious, what is “the UA program” ?

Are you referring to the University of Anchorage? If so, they have many excellent programs.

Sorry I should have specified, I meant the unlicensed apprenticeship program that siu offers

For a first hand narrative of one person’s experience going through Piney Point I suggest you read this fellows blog.

Start here…http://www.entirelyalive.com/2014/06/first-crew-seafarers-apprenticeship.html



Don’t do it. Learn a trade instead. This industry is dying.

Agreed. Learn masonry, plumbing, carpentry, electrical, whatever. You will have more work than you can ever do, and make the money you need to provide for the fam. If you’re feeling entrepreneurial start your own outfit and thrive.

Going to sea is almost done. Your better off doing most anything else.

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I appreciate the advice but I’m already committed. Call me stupid, hard headed, or naive but being a mariner has been a dream of mine for a while now.
I’ve heard don’t do it/you can’t do it all my life and all it make me want to do is do it more.

Sadly so.

The US government has abandoned the the US merchant marine and the US mariner. Its sole contribution is to maintain the charade of a merchant marine academy that has virtually no value to the industry.

Go get an aircraft mechanic’s license, that will get you a very high paying job at a car dealership. Go to culinary school, like the man said, “learn … whatever” and get a piece of paper to go with it.

Sorry for the reality check but it is what our politicians have made it.

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I’m also starting the UA program September. 5th. Guess we’ll be in the same group man.

I was in class 614 in Feb '01… I’m sure slots changed but somethings are the same… lots of BS… Little sleep… Take every upgrade class that you can and save your money I.e don’t buy a fancy car… invest a lot in a 401k… Set aside Fuck You Money (like 5-10% in addition to regular savings) so you can afford to quit a BS ship…crash on a relatives couch so you didn’t have to pay rent on a place you never at… if it floats, fucks or flys… rent don’t buy

Goto college online in your time to better yourself… Find a side gig… make $$ and walk away when the BS gets too much …

I’m going to make that into a plaque for my wall.