What's the outlook for the GOM?

What’s the job outlook for the GOM? Anyone hiring again down there?

Can’t tell you who’s hiring if you don’t say what your looking for…

LOL…that makes sense. Able seaman.

Nobody I know of… Good luck though cause I know where captains are bumped down and/or laid off an took a job as a deckhand/OS and AB… It’s tough in the gulf right now. Only advice, find a placement company, sit back and wait…

In today´s market it is going to be hot or cold. As boats and rigs pick up jobs you will see a rush of positions open with many applicants for the few positions. Have your bags packed and ready to jump on an opportunity when it presents itself. There are a lot of qualified experienced personnel available right now.

[QUOTE=josh.reid24;165955]Can’t tell you who’s hiring if you don’t say what your looking for…[/QUOTE]

Nobody is hiring in the gulf…

People are being laid off… Why would anybody be hiring???

Chouest Facebook posted that they were accepting applications for OS yesterday or the day before.

Well, missed that one… Don’t have a Facebook…

[QUOTE=bell47;165952]What’s the job outlook for the GOM? Anyone hiring again down there?[/QUOTE]

To be honest, the answer is slim and none. I know of very few companies that don’t have any vessel(s) cold stacked due to the price of oil. The shelf market has been getting thin on work for the last several years and it’s almost non-existent at this time. You have 150-70’ DP-1 vessels that are ecstatic to be working for a rate of $3,000/day or less. Companies are jumping up and down if they are at a breakeven point although many or not.

I work shore side and was in personnel many moons ago. Get in your vehicle and go knock on doors and try to get into see the Personnel/HR manager. Here are my tips for trying to land a job:

  1. Appearance - dress professionally and be clean groomed. Don’t wear a hat, t-shirt or pants with holes in them; be presentable.

  2. Have all of your documents with you as well as a copy to leave with the prospective employer. Have a brown envelope with legible copies, your name and license on front and neatly organized inside.

  3. Don’t haggle over money and schedule. Not saying just take what they give you but don’t haggle over $10 either. Nothing is worse than someone who comes in begging for “anything you have”, then says he needs $15 more dollars/day, can’t work even time, can’t work 14/7, etc…

  4. Be polite, courteous and don’t bash every employer or person that you think attributed to you being out of work. Sure, you may have been dealt a bad hand at a previous company but complaining about every company in your past makes it sound like you may be the problem.

I feel bad for all of those who are unemployed at this time because it will be quite some time before the GOM picks back up. People need to remember these trying times when the market returns for better or for worse. Employers do look at longevity with a company when it comes down to lay offs. If you’re jumping ship every chance you get for a higher day rate they will probably let you go first. Also be realistic about if your previous company was unfair towards you with pay cuts or if you were laid off. Most companies couldn’t, or can’t, afford the down turn for an extended period of time without cuts.

Take my advice for what it’s worth; might be worth a lot or nothing depending on who you ask.

Just got an email from my office. Looking for OSs. You’d be on crew boats. All the ABs are slated for supply boats. It’s a foot in the door.
Laborde Marine. 985 399 9066. Ask for Chris.
Good luck

I understand wanting to work in the oil patch but, its down right now and jobs are unstable. Tug wages are right on par with alot of the OSV wages at the moment. I got laid off from one of the bigger companies in the patch and, tried for a month and a half to get another job down there. Right now I think northwest is where its at. I drove out here and had a job in a day.

I am one of the lucky ones at the moment and am still employed but that dosnt meen that I’m not keeping my eyes open. I agree with the guy that said the North West but will add the South East and North East to that opinion. If you like the cold there are several jobs in Seattle and Alaska right now for rated AB’s. In the North and South East same thing but you will need your PIC as most of it is Tug and Barge work. For the officer corps, South East And North East coast, have your PIC and if you dont have your Master Of Tow take the TORS class before knocking on doors. For the unlimited guys and gals, you know what to do. The work is there. There is realy alot out there, it just depends on how picky you are. And know that the day rate will not match the patch. The outlook you ask. Well at the moment shrimping is good and the kingfish are back for the commercial man. Other than that… see above.

The main reason I say North West is because the pay is the closest to the patch. Maybe not the north east but, I hear those north east tug jobs are hard to get, could be wrong though. I do know there are jobs to be had out here. There are jobs to be had everywhere it’s just a matter of finding them.