What's going on in the Hawaii trade?


So to recap, Matson is currently building 4 new ships which according to their press release will replace the 5 very old ships currently doing pure West coast to Hawaii service. Additionally, Pasha just signed on to build 2 new ships in a Texas yard, presumably to replace the 3 ex-Horizon Lines steam ships they currently run… That fully replaces all the old ships in the current Hawaii trade yet this yard is going to build up to EIGHT additional ~3,600 TEU vessels also for the Hawaii trade?? Maybe 2 or 3 of these will replace the Matson ships in the Alaska trade? Any thoughts?

Aker was supposed to be seeking an established shipper whom to own,or charter the ships to who might want to enter the Hawaiian trade.

I used to wonder why Saltchuk/TOTE wasn’t in Hawaii or perhaps Crowley

as far as the three former Sealand/Horizon vessels in the Alaskan trade for Matson now, I don’t see a reason not replacing them with two larger vessels if the freight traffic volumes support such as move. Those three were all from the late 1980s, rather small and due to be replaced someday.

Will be interesting to see how this “established” operating company works. The steam ships emission exemption ends in 2020. They would burn lots of MGO increasing operating costs. They might be good candidates for replacing ROS tonnage?

I can see that… particularly if the new vessels are way more efficient. So that explains 2 of the 8… I’m just trying to figure out where the cargo volumes are going to come from to justify the building of all these ships if they’re all going to the Hawaii/Alaska trade

of course how we must ask whom this “Blue Chip” operator is but I would have to think Crowley or Saltchuk…who else is there?

Matson to Upgrade Honolulu Terminal.


New terminal allocations, the Hawaii Department of Transportation said the state will improve Piers 1 and 2, allowing TOTE to begin its Hawaii operations.



Matson to Upgrade Honolulu Terminal.


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Implementation of New Tariff Rates to Take Effect October 1, 2017

For Wharfage, pipeline toll, and bunkering fees.

From the Hawaii Dept. of Transportation - Harbors

He is this:


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