What Weather Phone App?


What phone app are you using? Pros and cons?

I’ve been using “NOAA Weather Unofficial” which is good.

I like that is straight NWS data. Has a graph showing the temp, wind and % chance of precipitation over time. The radar is weak, maybe because of the cheap Android phone I use.


What's app about weather?

I use Weather Bug. Some people don’t like it but I do as I find the radar very handy for when I’m out Riding and want to avoid rain if I can. Avoiding rain is very important when living in Florida!


Aboard ship?

Panbo.com is my preferred source for information like this.

While home I use Dark Sky.


On the ship windytv.com is lots of fun to play with


thumbs up for windy, it’s worldwide


I like the graphics on https://earth.nullschool.net




Predict Wind


on shore: Dark Sky and Hi-Def Radar

Underway: Hi-Def Radar, Windy and NOAA Now, Aye Tides


What The Forecast App (WTF App) This one can be fun to play with as they have a special way of wording things.