Why are all my weather apps different? - The Guardian

Why are all my weather apps different?

Forecasting is more accurate than ever, but mobile apps can still disagree wildly. What causes the difference – and which one is best?

I still stick with NWS only when I’m home.

From the article :

This combination of more data, bigger computers and better algorithms has delivered impressive results. A study published in Nature in 2015 found the ability of meteorologists to predict atmospheric pressures three to 10 days ahead had been improving at a rate of about one day per decade since 1981.

Use NWS products, My Radar, link to the buoy data, and used to use ASCAT heavily working SW Alaska/Bering Sea. Just have the one app. Others are just links to websites. Not many apps for the stuff I look at. Have Aeroweather but don’t use that app for marine purposes.

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Yes, that’s why I like to use NWS, With weather information, or really with critical information in general it’s good to know; where did it come from, how many hands has it been passed through and what did they do with it?

I’d use something else if I knew where the data comes from and what they are doing to it. That Guardian article is a good one on this subject.