What recession?

[B]From Professional Mariner Magazine[/B]
The folks at Edison Chouest Offshore, of Galliano, La., do not seem to be experiencing the effects of a recession.
The company recently announced the construction of a $150 million facility in Port Fourchon, La. To be called Chouest Shorebase Services LLC, it will receive, repair and resupply Chouest’s fleet of offshore service vessels. The facility will sit on 71 acres of land Chouest intends to lease.
These services for Chouest are now performed in Port Fourchon’s C-Port and C-Port 2. This addition gives the growing Chouest fleet more room for the additional vessels the two Chouest shipyards keep building. C-Port and C-Port 2 have 18 covered slips.
In other Chouest news, the company is building Fourchon Covered Drydock, a 420-foot-long, 400-foot-wide and 150-foot high building that will contain three slips under cover, the center slip dredged to 40-feet deep. The facility will enable Chouest to maintain, inspect and repair equipment onsite.
Chouest also recently delivered the 280-foot [I][FONT=&quot]Kirk Chouest[/I], an anchor handling supply vessel that has 4,919 gross tonnage, making it the largest offshore vessel built in 2008.

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the rockefeller center was built during the depression too! That doesn’t mean the depression didn’t happen. It just means labor and materials were dirt cheap, and they had excess cash.

but yeah, choust seems to be doing well.

The link above indicates how Chouest has been able to use taxpayer dollars for expansion in the past. Maybe he got another $70+ million or so tax free bonds, gifts and grants from the public trough for his latest expansion. $132,000 in ‘campaign contributions’ resulted in one heck of a return for this privately owned company.

They just moved to the top of my list
on where to apply when i get down there
in acouple of months.

recession still exists though they are in the process of building something…
they are not that affected yet!