What podcast have you been listening to lately?

Just like there is the “What book have your been reading lately”

Found this bloomberg podcast about commodities. Very fascinating what they say about the “revenge of the old economy.”


I like David Stien’s “Money for The Rest of Us”. I like it for several reasons but perhaps the biggest is because the guy explains very well what he thinks, why he thinks it & makes mistakes along the way. When he does screw up he’ll be honest about it & tell his audience that what he tried & mentioned a few months ago didn’t give the results that he wanted. Even though he is a multi millionaire he still experiments with small investments & cares more about his ROI percentage & not the dollar amount. Also, if you pay a monthly subscription you can see his personal & model portfolios. I don’t pay the subscription.

I used to listen to the Econtalk podcast all the time, it is mostly about economics and stuff related to it, many of the older podcasts are really good. But eventually I got a bit bored of it as rather than having engaging and interesting guests almost every episode was just authors trying to promote some unremarkable book they had written, I think that some authors pay money to podcast hosts so they can go on and promote their book to the podcast audience.

I enjoy Wolf Street podcasts by Wolf Richter. He reads and digests information that I don’t have access to anymore.

Behind the Bastards is great for hearing how shitty some people/things throughout history were or are. American Scandal is a great one for explanations of scandals through the years. Most of them are 3-5part series.