What is this?

Is there a similar or somewhat similar weldment on the inside of the gunnel opposite it?

It’s a 80 foot passenger vessel, overnight. This is directly outside one of the heads. It’s the exact same thing on the starboard side. A vent for the black water container? Plumbing vent? I know it’s not a diesel tank vent.

looks like shore power or electrical power in lets or outlets

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i dpnt think they are vents, they usually would be located on the cabin side on the main deck

Given there is another similar weldment opposite it, my guess is that they are mounting lugs for a temporary steel barrier. The barrier would have detents the lugs fit into. The barrier would be slid into place transversely then dropped down over the lugs. That’s why the upper part of the lugs are curved.

The barrier may have been a breakwater.

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bw vents are generally higher up … stb side 03 deck or so !!! hahahha