What is a junior dpo?

Is a junior dpo just an officer that has taken the initial dp course and has yet to complete his sea time necessary to obtain the endorsement?

This is the IMCA 117 definition.

6.4.1 Definition
A junior DPO is defined in these guidelines as a trained DP operator meeting the competence requirements outlined in 6.4.2 and who has completed training to a minimum of Phase 3 as defined by the NI. The junior DPO should be supervised while on watch by an SDPO.
Competence for navigation
6.4.2 Knowledge and Experience
A junior DPO’s knowledge and experience should include:
 controlling the vessel using manual and joystick controls;
 changing operational modes between auto DP to joystick to manual controls to autopilot and vice versa;
 principles and planning of DP operations;
 basic knowledge of the practical operation of DP control system, including changing between systems and the various modes of operation;
 knowledge and use of reference systems and other peripheral equipment;
 system redundancy, alarms and warnings;
 knowledge of vessel systems and their limitations;
 knowledge of DP alarm sequences and communications with reference to operational condition;
 knowledge of the vessel’s operations manuals and communications system;
 knowledge of the vessel’s FMEA and its implications;
 training on any other systems relevant to the DP that they are responsible for.
If Junior DPOs do not have to also keep the navigational watch then they need not have a navigational watchkeeping qualification to an approved STCW convention standard. (This enables engineers and EMS to be DPOs).

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