What are the best maritime charties and outreach organizations?

gCaptain recently started working with Mercy Ships on a small project and we are looking to support more great nautical based non-profits.

What are your favorite organizations?

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United Seamen’s Service aka Seamen’s Club for a cold beer at a decent price.


I know a hotel engineer for Mercy Ships. Totally amazing stories. So challenging to keep the air clean enough for the ORs and keep the seabays free from plastic when they are at anchor or tied up for months and months while they work.

Its not specifically marine, but there’s Engineers Without Borders.

There’s also SS Master Society. Skookum old wooden steam tug, who could really use a professional boiler inspection/overhaul. I’ve volunteered with them. Its a beauty of an engine. Don’t take my word for it, though.

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http://www.aos-usa.org/ Apostleship of the Sea is a great one. . I sailed one hitch with Father Sinclair Ubre. He was a very good AB and great shipmate. They are a great organization and give support to the various local communities.


RNLI - the Royal National Lifeboat Institution which serves the UK and Ireland coasts with a lifeboat and lifeguard service which is second to none. The charity is more than 100 years old and relies entirely on charitable donations. It is completely independent of the U.K. and Irish governments and so its funding and management are not subject to the whim of politicians. See https://rnli.org/

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One I rate highly is the Bahrain International Seafarers Society. It is small but provides phone and internets, plus pastoral help, in a port where it is either hard to get ashore or ships have quick turnarounds.


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