Opportunities For Maritime Service

In light of President Obama’s desire to promote hard work in service of our country I’d like to start this new thread and encourage you to provide information and links to non-profits and charities that perform work that assists (past, present and [I]future[/I]) mariners around the world. This can include seaman’s assistance organizations, maritime museums, children’s programs or any other organization that relates to our industry.

To kick off the thread I would like to suggest YOUblog. Ok, gCaptain is not a charity BUT the ideas, knowledge and experience you bring to the table can go far to make the oceans a safer place to work. The idea is simple, think of a topic that is of great interest to you and write an article that shares your knowledge with the community. Here are some article ideas;
[li]Top 10 watchstanding tips for new thrid mates.
[/li][li]How to make your boat drills both fun and informative
[/li][li]New ideas for BRM
[/li][li]5 ways a flashlight can save your life aboard ship
[/li][li]Why celestrial navigation is still important
[/li][li]10 Ways to improve crew moral
[/li][li]Things I wish lifeboat manufacturers had considered.
[/li][li]How to use an ECDIS to perform a SAR

These are just a few ideas to get you started but if a topic is important to you then we want to hear about it! We know that writing is not easy but the ideas are more important than grammar and hard work can’t be avoided. So CLICK HERE and start writing!