What are my odds?

Since Covid has pretty much decimated my field as an aircraft mechanic, I have seriously been weighing my options as far as career change is concerned. I have started the ball rolling towards working on the great lakes. I have obtained my TWIC already and will now apply for the MMC. But my question is this…how good or bad are my odds of getting an actual shot to work for a freighter/transport company? I am completely green and I know there are probably a lot of experienced people waiting in line for work. Am I setting myself up for disappointment or is there a legit chance a company would give me a chance? Thanks in advance.


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Great answer!

How attached to the Great lakes are you?
Do you have funds for schools?
Are you willing to start as a wiper or ordinary?

I’m willing to start at scrubbing the toilets. Whatever gets my foot in the door. No funds for schooling. Already plenty of schooling debt. If the money’s right I suppose I could detach from the great lakes.

That’s going to be the kicker, the money probably won’t be right to detach but it might be your o my option. Google towmasters and there is a list of companies operating by region. Good place to start.

What about river boats? Out 30 days home 30 days, I hear. Mississippi and Tennessee rivers stay pretty busy…every pusher boat has at least two engines that need constant TLC. I hear they eat pretty well, too!