What are my chances for MT?

I am a high school senior with a 2.87 GPA for a-g and like 3.0 for all classes. I am in Pre-Calc and AP environmental science. Ive taken a sem of AP US History and a year of adv. bio. Other than that ive been in main steam classes. I haven’t received my ACT Scores yet but I’m pretty confident in how I did. Im working 20 hours a week at an animal hospital and have been involved in Sea Scouts with a rank of Able ( which means if i join the CG or Navy I’m automatically bumped up a rank). Ive been a youth leader in Scouts for the past year and have sailed at an international regatta that happened to be at CMA. Im a CA resident too. CMA is my #1 choice.
Anyone know what my chances are?

Im also somewhat interested in MET.

I would say you have a pretty good shot at getting in.

[QUOTE=rshrew;82896]I would say you have a pretty good shot at getting in.[/QUOTE]

Yep, take the campus tour, request an interview, write a good essay with the application - you’re in.

Chances seem pretty good to get in. Its good to get the Pre calc now as you will have a couple calculus class as well as some calculus based classes at CMA. Actually Calc is one of the easier classes. The other ones you took may get credit for regular university classes. Working 20 hours a week will be tough. I used to tend bar on the weekends when attending CMA and it really took a toll. However I had a lot of fun though!

Actually Ive toured the whole campus and TS Golden Bear while i stayed there for a 8 days in McAllister Hall. I believe i don’t have to write an essay for any Major at CSUM due to it being a CSU. However, for MT you may submit a resume of leadership and maritime accomplishments.

Thanks for the advice. Btw im quitting my job when i graduate HS.

I should also mention that the calc classes are for MET if you went that route. I think trig is as far as you will go with MT

You are correct, it’s physics that was the tough one, I’m no mathematician though.

Also, i saw two 1953 army T-boats while i was there. My program has the exact same ship( although we maintain it better). Are they used by MT students? Because that would be cool since I’m already familiar with the handling.

Yes they are used in the mt track for ship handling class and anchoring drills.

I heard they were going to start requiring calc raise the bar a bit. That’s what just I heard from Stewart though…

MT at my school requires Algebra/Trig, Applied Calc and physics.

So I applied on October 1st.

My GPA was 2.87
And I received a 23 composite on the ACT.
I put MT as my primary major and MET as alternative since my math score qualified for it.
I also e-mailed them a 2 page resume.
Hope I get in! :confused:


If you don’t get in as MT but you do as MET, take as many freshman MT classes as you can, with the intention of transferring to MT ASAP your first semester. Let me know if you get accepted as MET, I’ll clue you in on what to do. Too much to list here…

Do you think my grades/ scores might be rejected for MT?

Eh… You submitted a résumé. Probably the first ever at cma to do that. I am sure you impressed them to be honest. Your grades aren’t the worst I’ve seen on a transfer. I came in with a 3.1. You should be fine…

if you do get in as MT, which I think you hVe a good chance at, shoot me a PM and I’ll answer whatever questions you have.

I would not stress over this. You’re in as far as I can see. I am a second year cadet at an East Coast Academy and I got in to the MT program with a 3.0 GPA and a 23 ACT.

The fact you did seascouts and did some overnights at CMA also shows you are passionate about maritime. Admisson folks like to see that.

I got my start in sea scouts as well, compass rose ship 1. I have had a great paying and rewarding career as a tug captian all thanx th the scouts. When I went to school for my lic I was so far ahead of my class already I spent most of my time there helping the other students through all the bs. Don’t waste ur tallents navy ,uscg, merchant marine, anyway u go ya got the golden ticket already. Good luck.

Wow thanks guys! Looking forward to next year