Chances for MT? (Transfer)

Hey everyone, I was wondering what my chances were to get into the MT program at CalMaritime. I will be applying in the fall of 2018 to get into the fall of 2019 class. (I’m in a California Community College, currently.)
I have a 3.75 GPA and all the classes/credits needed and done for upper division transfer. I don’t think SAT or ACT matter since I’m going upper divison, but I have a 1550 SAT (Old sat, so it’s pretty shit) and 26 ACT composite.

I was also wondering if (assuming you think I got in) would you think if I applied for the Osher scholarship would I have a good chance at getting it?

Thanks everyone!

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Don’t waste too​ much time at community college because you have to do at least three years to get the unlimited license and I hear Cal tries to make you do four years regardless.

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Sorry I kind of misspoke in my original post, I have a 3.8 currently, and after next semester (fall of 2017) I will have all my classes completed, and I assume I will go to around a 3.75.

I didn’t plan on staying this long but I can’t do much about it to my understand because I asked the admissions for CSUM and they said I have to wait a year after finishing the transfer classes (ones im taking in 2017 fall) I need to wait until the next fall to apply and then obviously I have to wait till the NEXT fall to actually get over there.

It’s annoying but to my knowledge I can’t do much about it.

I do plan on getting my MMC and doing a cruise in the spring of 2018 to get some money for college though.

Just to clear things up they do not force you to stay for four years but they will not guarantee 3 years. Your SAT and ACT will not matter. CMA has gotten a lot less casual over the last few years and has had a lot of turnover across the board. Its to the point they actually changed the name to CSU Maritime.
As far as getting in I would say that you have a great shot at getting in. The last few years they have been accepting most high schoolers with GPAs around 3.5 I believe that the transfer GPA was in the 3.3 range. If you go on a tour of CMA ask Mike what it was last year.

Thanks a lot man, I really appreciate the encouragement. I will be visiting the campus either over the summer (so no ship) or in the fall, and I will ask him. Might actually end up with a 3.9, so it might be even better haha.


Your time at the community college will not be wasted, but there are very specific on-campus requirements, and the sea time requirement – much time is earned for attending STCW classes and standing shore watches – is non-negotiable. There are also a few non-maritime courses that the CSU requires you to take at the campus you graduate from (it will be good to know what those are so you don’t have to double up) That’s why transfers usually end up spending more than the 2 years that people would at other CSU campuses.

Your experience as a student and the maturity, diligence, and focus that you bring will be immensely valuable in the busy & demanding Cal Maritime program. The MT degree, like all the other programs, is “impacted” meaning there are many more applicants than there are berths in any given class. We can’t just take loads of new cadets, because the number of berths on the ship is a strictly limited resource. An upcoming shipyard period will also affect the number of incoming students accepted in a given year, although I’m not sure it’s the year that you’re looking at (again, not directly my department). The incoming classes have been more and more selective, so your good GPA will be valuable.

My best advice is to come down and talk to the people here to get specific answers to your questions. You should ask about developments in the cruise and academic schedules: what will that mean for MT admissions policy; new programs in the pipeline that might benefit you with your previous educational experience (again depending on when you start and where the program development is).

When you do get here, try to take advantage of the rich experience that we try to offer; if you’re “stuck” here for longer than you’d hoped, you might as well get everything you can out of the time.

If I can, I’d be happy to talk with you when you visit. (

Best of luck,

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