Worth going to community college then transfering?

I was to go to cal maritime merchant marine college once I get out of high school. i was just wondering was it even worth going to community college first then transfering to make the Academy cheaper? SInce I know I will still have to start as a freshmen still.

I would say yes it is worth doing a year at a community college or even another college. You can get most of your general education courses out of the way and have some normal college fun before doing your time at an academy. I go to New York Maritime and many of my friends have transferred in and they are still on track to graduate with me. The only thing that can hold you up is sea time and I am not sure how it works at cal.

Yes, but make damned sure that the community college has a transfer agreement with the CSU system. What major are you looking at?

What ever you decide, discuss with an instructor about getting some lessons in proofreading.

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I would chat with the Admissions folks. I don’t think you can eliminate more than a year at Cal Maritime via transfer credits. If you did 2 years at a CC you might be able to get a double major in 4 years at Cal ( I knew someone at SUNY who did this).

The CFRs ( 46 CFR 310) say that " The minimum period of training shall be three (3) years. For the Cadets and Midshipmen at the schools located in California, Maine, Massachusetts, New York and Texas at least six (6) months of the total time must be aboard a Training Ship in cruise status."

It was worth it for me just to reduce the coursework, I think only three of my JC classes transferred, but that was three less classes added to the pile of coursework. I don’t think the benefit is as great for the majors outside of engineering.

You did not say what year you are in high school?

Just make sure you have solid math prep.

There are lots of good reasons to start at the academy as a freshman the same as most other students do.

You won’t get out any quicker. You’ll still do 4 years. The only difference is you can have lighter loads. 18 credits instead of 22 credit semesters

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Why transfer to another college when you can study at two colleges?