What activitys to do at cal maritime

Hey im a Junior in High School and I am interested in coming to Cal Maritime and was wondering what activitys there are to do at the school for fun or on free time? I play sports but neither of them are played here (Football & Lacrosse). I was wondering if people in off time surf, fish, play other sports and things of that nature. And a side note I am also curious if cal maritime kids “party” (I know its not a party school) and if so do they go to other schools in the area or what not?

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Plenty of football and lacrosse at the east coast maritime schools. And the partying? Don’t get me started about the partying…

Partying? Uh, no, not at all at those nasty East Coast Academies. . . .or at least that I can remember. . . .

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Parties on the East Coast? As cmakin said, no way.

Sports? Yes. Clubs? Yes. I personally was too busy with academics and watch schedules to do either one, but those options exist for those capable of juggling more than I was. As for the Wrong Coast? No idea.

Dan Foley park in Vallejo for the classmates (keg party) I mean gathering

“activitys”? do you even understand how to make words that end in a “y” plural? how are you so sure you can even be accepted by a maritime academy with such a poor understanding of written English?

besides you are trivializing this forum with your little kiddie question…please go to the corner and be quiet!


and stay there silent until you learn to not be seen and certain never heard by the grownups here

I had typed essentially the same (with a link included), then, because I occasionally have decorum and tact, I hit “cancel.” But I won’t say that it didn’t need to be said. At least he didn’t use “activity’s.”

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Tongue meet cheek. I thought the elipses at the end of my post would convey my sarcasm. Should I have gone with the eye roll emoji?

No, obviously there’s no fucking partying at an east coast maritime school!

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Until you find out you passed license…

Oh, my comment was seeped in sarcasm, to be sure. Unfortunately much is lost in posting. . . .

Oh, I was supposed to wait?

I had many a great night out, especially on cruise… but nothing came close to the party we had when we knew we were finally about to escape the event horizon of Fort Schuyler.

Sounds like the 100 MFD tradition has survived

I want to give my opinion but I just can’t.

Don’t know if you’re from California or know the area at all but rugby was growing at cal maritime when I was there and they played against some of the best programs in the sport at that level. I hear they’ve since built a new sports complex where the Vallejo Inn once stood. There’s all sorts of clubs on campus and you’re only a ferry ride from San Francisco. Vallejo has some stuff to offer but there’s a whole lot to do in the surrounding area.


Ocean Beach just south of the Cliff House is a good place to surf.

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“Parties” are pretty common off campus. There are a few club sports and inter murals to do but for the most part that’s all the school really offers. Many will go off campus and out of Vallejo for the weekends to find something to do.