Welcome To The New gCaptain Forum


The gCaptain crew is now working through our pre-departure checklist as we get ready to depart on the maiden voyage of this new forum software! Right now you may start using this forum but, NOTE, as a security measure we reset all passwords so - when logging in - you will need to click “I Forgot My Password” or sign in via Facebook or Twitter.

Note if you ever need call our attention to something (or any other member) just put the “@” symbol in-front of our name while writing your post and we will be notified. Like this: @john or @mikey

If you have any problems logging into the forum then email us at info@gcaptain.com



P.S. Here’s a link to the official announcement: Introducing the New gCaptain Forum
P.S.2. Don’t forget to Download The NEW gCaptain Forum App


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Downloaded the new gCaptain Forum ap and tried to log in with No Joy.



Is there an error message? When does it get stuck? This is the first report of this problem so any additional details will help.



It gets stuck on th Log in.
it only gives:
…both of which I entered correctly.
There is no option for forgotten username or password.
…I’m on iPhone 10.2.1



Yes, like I said…Error, Invalid Login.



Strange. I will dig intot he errror logs tomorrow and see if I can pin down the problem.



:wow: This is so so so much better than the old forum. Thanks @john !! :bigsmile:



Just logged in using Windows7/Chrome and it worked like a charm.

Haven’t been able to log in using my computer in months.

Thank you, John!



Just uploaded some photos in another post. Wow, that was easy :slight_smile:

Am looking forward to exploring the new software.

Thanks again, John!



Just downloaded the mobile app on my Note 5, and so far, so good! Using it for this post.



Installed Discourse from the Play store and it has told me five or six times now it can’t find gCaptain.



You have to type forum.gcaptain.com

not just gCaptain.

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Now working on a Samsung Note 10.4. No more clearing browsing history!

Thank you!

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This page categories link may help some of you. :smiley: Save it as one of your favorites. Check it out.


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Okay. Thanks. I’d feel dumb, but that doesn’t actually work either.



Hmm. We are not sure what’s going on but the developers have asked that you send that screenshot to them via email at support@discourse.org

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Hey John,

Constructive criticism:

Do you think tone down the email newsletter subscription boxes? I get it on the main page, but it is rather obnoxious to get it on an article, and then again when you go back to the main page and again on the next article. I do like the small news story bar that pops up on the top. It’s there without being obtrusive.

I have a similar gripe about the redundant “share” bar that shows up on the bottom of the screen now. Why not just make the “share” bar that was already on the sidebar scroll with the page?

I do like the new forum interface overall, I just find that the two gripes above find me skipping the main page and its articles (and advertising) and going straight to the forum.

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Thanks Louis. The big subscribe overlay is suppose to show up the first time you visit and again a week later… but is not supposed to keep bothering you.

Are you visiting via mobile or deaktop? Do you have any ad blocker or tracking prevention plugins on your browser?



Controlled by sumo list builder app. Maybe only a slight adjustment. If a user clears browser cache, history and cookies frequently it will pop up again. Check advanced settings. Possibly add a new display rule?

UPDATE: Currently not showing up. I have not cleared cache, cookies, etc in about 4 hours. so that change did work on my end. I checked on two browsers firefox and chrome. Desktop.

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