Washington State Ferries


This sounds highly suspect. I have worked for WSF for many years…four of those as an on-call. Have NEVER heard of someone being fired for political views. Hell…why would management care if you are pro Janus??? They are non union. You did something. Probably you were late or refused work. They have no mercy for new hires who refuse work or don’t answer their phones. That’s just part of the deal, and they are VERY clear about that during orientation.

Sorry it didn’t work out for you. It is a good job. I absolutely love working on the water and sleeping in my own bed every night.


I know no one here believes me, and I’m not crying in my beer about it, but I took the lumps, the lesson, and found a job back on the tugs.

For the record, I was never late, I never called out, and my probationary evaluations were all good. All I was told by Bill Michaels on the way out was “I got calls about you,” with no context provided.

The ‘toxic’ statement was leveled against the IBU, not WSF. I’m not too happy with WSF for not telling me where I went wrong.


I took a pay cut to be able to do that, and it was still worth it for me. I’m also with a public ferry outfit.


I did the same going to work for the COE running survey launches.


Even though there are a lot of employees in the fleet, this is a small community and “news” travels…

The “calls about you”?? Multiple officers and crew who worked with you recommended you be let go and that you weren’t able or willing to do your job properly (I’ll leave the creepy details out, but if true, they were absolutely right to run you out).

And they shouldn’t. Like I said, you have to really eff up to get canned from WSF. Sad that you’d use this forum as a way to disparage WSF and the IBU for behavior that rests squarely on you.


You might be getting some new vessels to work on as the current fleet ages and is replaced?


I don’t paint DHB with such a black brush. My dealings with the WSF have indicated to me a pretty well established incestuous relationship between them and the IBU. One is left to wonder if the IBU actually tells the WSF how to run their system? I think DHB discovered this very quickly in his time there and there are some of us who are just not go along, get along kind of people. He spoke out about what he witnessed and higher powers made sure to silence his voice.


just lovely…you do know that pretty much every brand new ferry built for the system must come from Vigor don’t you? and what do you call a business when there isn’t any competition? a “Mafia” comes to mind…


Yes - I do know that. The system does have many flaws. Like the Connecting Washington funding package.

Have any of you been on the Suquamish yet?


The idea that this guy’s opinion about Janus/Union Dues/Seniority, or the color of the sky for that matter, has any bearing on WSF’s decision to fire him is absurd. If that was the case, ~20% of the fleet would be in the unemployment line…

What I heard–directly from an officer who worked with DHB-- is that he was fired after being active in the fleet for less than a month because he:

a) Did not do his job
b) Acted like a child when asked to do his job
c) Was constantly insubordinate and disruptive

Unless you’re the PUSA, :wink: that kind of behavior will get you corrected/written up/fired from damn near any employer…the WSF brass could care less about the “right to work” opinion DHB expressed. His behavior left them no choice but to terminate.

I am far from an IBU and WSF “cheerleader”, and have experienced firsthand the shortcomings, gaffes and complete clusterfucks that both have perpetrated upon each other and the employees. Regardless, I have a hard time standing by while this guy blames others for his own shortcomings and questionable behavior.



so why the long knives for DHB? why are you so seeming joyfully pointing out how it was anything but his political views which ended his tenure at WSF? you do appear to have a submerged agenda here to sink DHB to keep the WSF/IBU afloat…


I just hope he learned from the experience and wish him future success.

My only complaint is that he came on here whining like Hillary.


That, in a nutshell…

Because his views didn’t get him fired, his actions/insubordination/demeanor did.


and thus you enjoy incessantly beating the man over the head because he got canned from the WSF? you seem to truly love his sorry downfall and thus I ask why?


Jesus, he put his head on the chopping block. If you are terminated because of pure incompetence shut the fuck up and dont post on the internet? He was asking to be shot down.


I’d like to have your claims substantiated. You say in post 86 that no one should believe me; I agree! The burden is on me to substantiate my claim.

Further, your claim is unsubstantiated.

I never definitively said my political slant got me fired, I made the observation that I had a chat about ‘right to work’ with a high seniority AB on the last day I worked for WSF. It left me wondering.

Of note on my experience with WSF, and my West Coast sailing experiences, is that the culture sucks on the West Coast, especially in the PNW. Half of my experience sailing was inland and offshore Gulf/East Coasts. I never wondered about my standing or performance with the crews I worked with. My errors were corrected swiftly and effectively. West Coast? It always felt passive aggressive, avoiding confrontation, calling the office first.

Also, it’s telling for me with boattrash1 his attitude change between posts 64 and 67. It’s possible to be pro-union and pro-right to work.


Oh sure, I took my lumps from them. I moved out of Washington and found employment elsewhere


Explain how any person who is pro union can be pro right to work?

You never answered my question.

Would you still be paying dues after the Janus decision?


Explain how any person who is pro union can be pro right to work?

The issue you have is the free rider problem, non members getting the benefits of dues paying members. That stems from a federal law stating that a union needs to negotiate on behalf of all workers in the level they are organizing. That’s bullshit and needs to change.
You want the benefits the union provide? Join the damn union.
Want to go it on your own? Don’t cry to the union when shit goes south.

No organization should be able to use its coercive power to force agency, membership, or money from unwilling participants. It creates an organizational rot that will only chase it’s own revenue stream at the expense of workers and its mission.

Would you still be paying dues after the Janus decision?

Had they continued to provide me a benefit for my dues, yes. I read the CBA, that was some strong language and WSF paid some thousands of dollars training me and providing me with gear that I was still receiving in the mail post termination! The STCW I took pre-employment made the whole ordeal worth it.



I bet you all edison chouest employees would have like they’re 401k contributions they were promised versus them giving money to politicians.