Warship disabled by lightning

I had not heard about this previously and had no particular understanding that a near-miss by lightning might be capable of disabling ship systems. I don’t recall being stuck by lightning but have certainly had near misses.

This article doesn’t give much detail but congratulates a chief petty officer for his handling of it and the award of a Conspicuous Service Medal. The ship is a mine warfare vessel so minimises any ferrous metals aboard.

I had presumed in my sailing ship the well-earthed steel rigging formed an effective Farraday cage keeping us safe … ish on deck. I must evade lightning strikes from now.

Any other experiences.


did they have DC-DC power supplies to protect everything like a classed ship?

I presume so. I haven’t served in such ships, but can attest to their magnetic hygiene having had a few beers aboard. Checks at the gangway for metal objects eg down to no wire coat hangers, plastic only etc. I presume fibreglass hull and superstructure are not good earthing, but it is claimed the lightning did the damage whether by the shock wave of the thunderclap (these ships are the most resistant to underwater explosions we have, so likely not) or the electrical surge.

Interesting case though.

when a yacht mast gets hit in a marina only some boats have issues, there is lots to lightning and it doesnt have any rules.