Lightning strikes at sea

Universal Africa Lines m/v UAL BODEWES was hit by Lightning
Source: Maasmond Newsclippings-

Anybody care to share their experience with lightning strikes at sea?

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I wasn’t at sea but we were on shore power when I saw one of the container straddlers get hit across the channel from us. The lights on the ship dimmed and some of the ventilation shut down but the alarms cleared immediately and we were able to get everything back up and running with no issues.

Had a severe lightening strike in Indonesia on a drillship, lightening hit the derrick, it was very impressive. For some it reason only damaged the bridge electronics. Strange.

We were inbound up the Sabine River on an ATB and were struck on the top of the wheelhouse/elevator shaft. Blew out the seals on all of the glands. No other damage.

Prop shaft glands? If so that makes sense. I was taught as a child lightening always wants to go home which to lightening is the earth. Of course I later learned there is a reason for this but the original explanation still rings true.

No, wire penetrations on the top of the elevator shaft.

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