War wrecks looted

Looting of war wreck in Java Sea was reported earlier.
It happens again and not only in the Java Sea:

Quite reprehensible. Desecration. Even merchant ships, Titanic, Lusitania, Gustloff- in addition to the Naval vessels should be treated as memorial grave sites- not to be disturbed in any way shape or form… Use Sonar, any technology available- but hands off…

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I was on a ship which found a WWII wreck off of the East Coast. I remember being asked to keep mum about it because the wreck was a gravesite. Even though it was technically enemy at the time, this was taken very seriously while the government to which it belonged was notified of the find. There are living relatives of the casualties of many of these wrecks and when you desecrate them you are disturbing a graveyard.

Once the formal announcement was made, it hit the news, and became a dive destination but from what I gather if you steal artifacts that could come with jail time.

the chinese couldnt give a sh1t, their history is about killing people and pretending it never happened along with the local poorly or not paid at all officials looking to feed the families…
There has been photos of the salvage vessels working and …
nothing happened no surprise.